Q. What does the Resell-Club offer?
A. This website offers a variety of downloadable products for internet marketers and website owners. We release new content regularly, sometimes several a day. All our products are delivered instantly after purchase, and we have a premium membership option that enables all of our products to be downloaded. Some of the products are provided with a resell license, enabling you to profit from the sales you make.

Q. What is the purpose of the premium membership option?
A. For a small fee, you can join as a premium member and download an unlimited number of products. Once you become a premium member, simply visit the sales page for your product of interest and you will see a download button instead of the purchase button. If you prefer to pay as you go, we also offer individual product purchases.

Q. Do you have an affiliate program?
A. Yes. Please see the affiliate details page to get started. We look forward to a building a long, trusted relationship with you.

Legal Concerns

Q. Is this legal?
A. Absolutely. We take copyright law very seriously. All of our files are released in compliance with the publisher’s license. Not all product licenses can be transferred in their entirety to a third party (you). For example, you may not be allowed to resell a product purchased from us. You would have to contact the publisher directly for permission. If applicable, we provide the license that you will receive on the product page before your purchase or download.

Q. Are your WordPress plugins and themes nulled?

All WordPress items are 100% authentic and unmodified. What you get from the resell-Club is a premium plugin or themes, but without the support from the developer. Buying directly from the developer normally offers support for the product.

Q. Are there restrictions on what I can and cannot do with the files I download?
A. Each of our products comes with different license attached to it. Some may be resold for profit, and some may not. The product’s description will outline the license provided for the product. Check the terms and conditions on the product page for additional details of what you can and cannot do with the product.

Membership Benefits

Q. How can I download the free files?
A. All you need to do is register for a free account to start downloading from the growing collection of free. You can find them in the dedicated “Free Files” category. There’s never pressure for you to purchase a premium membership, but doing so will allow you to download files from any category withing having to make individual purchases.

Q. Can I request that an additional product be added to the premium membership?
A. Yes, we allow our premium members to submit product requests. We limit this to one request per month. There is no guarantee that every request can be fulfilled due to pricing and product licensing restrictions. To make a request, please visit the contact page and submit the form.

Downloading Products

Q. When I place an order, can I download my file immediately?
A. After you place an order, you can return to our site from the payment provider and download your file immediately. You will also receive an eMail message with further information on how to download your purchased product(s). If you purchased a premium membership, your account will be instantly setup and activated.

Resell Rights and Limitations

Q. What is the purpose of a resell license?
A. When you have a license to resell products, you will have the ability to start selling them back to your customers. It’s like opening your own store on the web. Whether its for your Internet business or for your personal use, our exclusive membership gives you an unlimited number of downloads – any time, any place!

Q. Are there any advertisements in your products?
A. We do not place any advertisements or affiliate links within our downloads. We have a 100% NO SPAM policy that is a core part of our principles. Sometimes the product creator will place advertisements for his or her other products. We do not remove these files unless it is permissible under the license agreement.

Q. Do I need a website to resell a product?
A. No, although we recommend having one. You can sell our products on CD, in your newsletter, in radio ads, or any other medium that you choose. These products are highly flexible in their distribution. Most of our PLR (private label rights) products come with professionally designed sales pages and all of the accompanying design files. They are ready for your business needs right out of the box.