Affiliate Program

Earn 50% Per Sale with the Resell-Club Affiliate Program

The Resell-Club affiliate program pays a 50% commission on all purchases referred by an affiliate. Plus, the affiliate will continue to earn commissions on all future purchases made by the customer. All sales are counted – premium memberships and individual products.

Note: The commission rate is subject to change at any time.

Affiliates can refer customers by using a unique link or by sharing a coupon code. Customers are incentivized to use the  coupon code during checkout, saving them money and generating income for the affiliate.

Affiliate Registration

A simple, free registration is required to be an affiliate. Participation in the program requires the agreement of the general terms of service and the affiliate agreement outlined on our website.

Affiliate Link and Coupon Generation

Affiliates can view and generate affiliate links and coupons from the My Account > Affiliate Area page.

Affiliate Stats and Account Management

Affiliates can view their earnings and manage their account by visiting the My Account > Affiliate Area page and then clicking on the appropriate tab.

Affiliate Payouts

Payments are sent out to affiliates via PayPal on the 1st and the 15th day of each month. See the affiliate agreement for more details.

Self Referrals

Affiliates do not earn a commission on their own referrals (e.g. creating a coupon or following their own link).

Referral Tracking

Referrals are tracked by cookies (see below) set in the customer’s browser until the time a purchase is made or until the customer logs in or registers as a member. Once the customer becomes a member, the referral details are stored on our site along with the customer’s other information. This ensures the affiliate earns repeated commissions on all future purchases by the customer.

In the case that a customer follows more than one referral link over a period of time, credit is given to the last affiliate who referred the customer.


The Resell-Club uses cookies to track affiliates and visits so referrals can be generated.

When a customer visits our website from an affiliate’s referral link, and these cookies are successfully generated, a visit will appear in the affiliate’s “Visits” screen. The cookies will then remain in the customer’s browser throughout the purchase process so a referral can be generated for the affiliate. The cookies will also remain in the customer’s browser for a period of fourteen days if they are not otherwise cleared earlier by the customer.

Affiliate Agreement

For complete participation rules, please see the “Affiliate Agreement” section of the terms page.