Thank you for using our online membership service. We want to help you to get the quality products you are looking for. If you encounter any problems with our site, we want to make sure it is resolved properly.

Additional Support Pages

Empty ZIP Files or Missing Product Contents

Our vendors use a variety of methods for compressing their downloads into the .zip files. The program you use to “unzip” those files may cause it to appear empty (i.e. no files enclosed). Please try the free program, 7-Zip (, if you encounter this type of error.

We check each file for accuracy, but mistakes can still arise. Submit the contact form if the problem persists.

Missing Downloads

Download links for individual purchase are provided in three ways:

  • Email: If you have purchased one or more individual products, please check your eMail inbox and your junk mail folder for a download eMail. This eMail contains the instructions for downloading your product(s).
  • My Account Page: If you are a registered member, you can view your purchase history from your account page.
  • Thank You Page: After your payment is complete, you will be redirected to a “Thank You” page on our website. This page will list each of your

Note: This does not apply to premium memberships. Premium members access downloads directly from the product catalog where the price would normally be shown.

Product Updates

Premium members and customers who make individual product purchases can receive future updates when they are made available to us by the publisher. This applies to products that have a version number. For individual purchases, updates can be obtained from the My Account page.

The Resell-Club receives products generally within one week of the release; however, we cannot guarantee the availability of any specific update.

Removing Update Notifications in WordPress

Buying directly form the developer offers normally offers automatic updates. When you download a product from the Resell-Club, you will need to check back here for updates.

Some developers, such as WooThemes, incorporate a product update notice in the admin dashboard. If you wish to disable the notice from WooThemes, add this section of code to the “functions.php” file within your theme or plugin directory.

// Removes the WooThemes update notice.
remove_action('admin_notices', 'woothemes_updater_notice');

Help with Products

The Resell-Club provides downloads on an “as-is” basis. We do our best to answer general questions but we cannot guarantee usage support for our downloads. We provide full support regarding your membership and any difficulties you may have while¬† transferring files from the website to your computer.

For instance, the Resell-Club cannot help you modify WordPress themes and plugins. If you need support with a WordPress theme or plugin, please consider the purchase of an applicable support license from the respective developer. Buying directly form the developer offers normally offers support for the product. Alternatively, you can request support in professional support sites like or forums like to receive help with implementation.

Digital Downloads

Products purchased from our website are delivered instantly via the eMail address your provide during the checkout process. You may also see the download page immediately following your payment through PayPal. These download links will expire after 5 days. Afterwards, you can resend a fresh link as discussed in the ‘product updates’ section.

Premium members can download an unlimited number of files directly from the product page or while browsing the archives. These links are shown as long as the member remains active. Members can stay informed of product updates through the news and updates page.

PayPal Payments Accepted

We accept payments through PayPal. PayPal is a payment processing system used to make sure your payment is made securely. You can pay by major credit and debit cards through PayPal.

Premium Memberships

Paid subscriptions are available to access the entire collection of premium files. This will let you download as much as you want without having to pay for individual downloads. You can join, renew, or cancel at anytime. Visit your account page to access these options.

Compress Files offer Faster Downloads

Our files are delivered in a compressed format to reduce the download time. After your download completes, the compressed file must be extracted using a free software program. If you have a Windows based PC, your computer is already setup to open these files. You may also search the internet for all of the available programs; however, we recommended WinZip, WinRar, or 7-ZIP.

Contact Us

If you still have problems with a download or if you have further questions, please submit the contact form or make post in the public forum.