Viking Twitter Marketing

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Added: January 2018

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In this video series you will discoverthe power of Twitter marketing

Twitter is, without question, one of the most active, popular social platforms on the Web. It has about 310 million monthly active users and an additional 550 million monthly viewers who do not login to their own accounts but merely consume other people’s tweets. About one third of all us social media users are on Twitter and 80 percent of active users access the site via mobile.

So clearly this is a powerful platform for any business. Question is, how can you leverage it?

Modules included:

  • Graphics and Facebook Ad
  • Rebranding Tutorial
  • Slides
  • Word Docs
  • Audio
  • Report
  • Videos
  • eBook

You can interact with the folder structure to see what is included.

    1. Rebranding Tutorial.mp4
      1. TM Follow Ups.txt
      1. 2decover_1160x1687 (1).jpg
      2. binderfront_917x1106.png
      3. disc_876x876.png
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      9. imacrt_1143x1086 (1).png
      10. ipadlt_823x978.png
      11. ipadmini_707x1018.png
      12. ipadrt_823x978.png
      13. iphone6greyright_575x1711.png
      14. ipodhorizontal_600x400.png
      15. macbookfront_1783x1085.png
      16. tabletrt_1165x785 (1).png
      17. VPLR Transparent Twitter.png
      18. VPLR Twitter 1200x628.JPG
      19. VPLR Twitter Pack.PNG
      1. IMPORTANT READ THIS - Copy (2).txt
      2. VPLR Twitter 01.pptx
      3. VPLR Twitter 02.pptx
      4. VPLR Twitter 03.pptx
      5. VPLR Twitter 04.pptx
      1. VPLR eBook Twitter Marketing WORD DOC NOT FOR DISTRIBUTION.docx
      2. VPLR Report Twitter Marketing WORD DOC NOT FOR DISTRIBUTION.docx
      3. Word Editing Tutorial.mp4
      1. VPLR Twitter 01_01.mp3
      2. VPLR Twitter 02_01.mp3
      3. VPLR Twitter 03_01.mp3
      4. VPLR Twitter 04_01.mp3
      1. VPLR Report Twitter Marketing.pdf
      1. VPLR Twitter 01.mp4
      2. VPLR Twitter 02.mp4
      3. VPLR Twitter 03.mp4
      4. VPLR Twitter 04.mp4
      1. VPLR eBook Twitter Marketing.pdf
  1. license.txt

License Terms:

You MAY resell this product as is.
You MAY give it away in return for a lead.
You MAY add it to a free membership site (only if opt-ins are required in order to access the membership site).
You MAY add it to a paid membership site.
You MAY use it as a bonus for a paid offer.
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You MAY also repurpose this content, change the title, the cover, add your name as the author, use the audio separately, remove the audio and add your own voice over, use the text as a blog post or article, or literally anything you want.

You MAY NOT Sell resell rights for this product.
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You MAY NOT Sell PLR rights for this product.


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