Loyalty Lock Pro

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Added: January 2018

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In this video course you will discover the psychological elements necessary to create a dynamic course.

Learn how to incorporate the 7 R’s of Internet marketing product creation:

  • Results
  • Repeat
  • Record
  • Research
  • Relate
  • Reviews
  • Reproduce

One of the most important parts of product creation is to be an example of the things that you are teaching. If you are talking about blogging as the main way for people to get traffic, you should have demonstrated this in your business.

Modules included:

  • Presentation
  • Videos
  • Your Customers License
  • eCovers

You can interact with the folder structure to see what is included.

    1. Loyalty Lock Pro Presentation.pdf
    2. Loyalty Lock Pro Presentation.pptx
    3. Presentation files are for you only.txt
    1. 0001-Your-Role-As-Product-Creator.mp4
    2. 0002-Become-A-Master-Practicioner.mp4
    3. 0003-Three-Frameworks.mp4
    4. 0004-Dont-Make-A-Customer-Wait-To-Get-Started.mp4
    5. 0005-Tell-Your-Buyer-How-To-Consume-And-Be-Successful.mp4
    6. 0006-Surprise-Your-Customer.mp4
    7. 0007-Overloading-Your-Customer.mp4
    8. 0008-Regular-Contact.mp4
    9. 0009-Introduction-To-Adult-Learning-Theory.mp4
    10. 0010-Give-Your-Buyer-Multiple-Goals.mp4
    11. 0011-Give-Your-Buyer-Activities-To-Do.mp4
    12. 0012-Keep-Your-Projects-Short-Inside-Of-Your-Course.mp4
    13. 0013-Give-Your-Buyers-The-Opportunity-To-Learn-From-Others.mp4
    14. 0014-Encourage-Buyers-To-Build-On-Previous-Experience.mp4
    15. 0015-Help-The-Buyer-Solve-Real-Life-Problems.mp4
    16. 0016-Help-Buyers-To-Move-From-Dependent-To-Be-Self-Directed.mp4
    17. 0017-Create-Problem-Solving-In-Your-Courses.mp4
    18. 0018-Conclusion-Your-Role-As-A-Product-Creator.mp4
    1. License.pdf
    1. LoyaltyLockPro.png
    2. LoyaltyLockPro_160.jpg
  1. License.pdf

Loyalty Lock Pro comes with Private Label Rights (PLR). Not only can you resell the product, but you also have the option to repackaged it. You can even add your name as the product developer. Of course, you can also use it for your own personal projects and for educational purposes.


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