Resell-Club Services

The Resell-Club is online marketplace for downloadable products related to web development and internet marketing. Products can be purchased individually or collectively through a paid membership.

The idea for this site arose out of the frustration encountered when having to repeatedly check multiple websites for updates to the plugins and themes used to keep a few blogs running. We knew it would be much more simple have everything grouped together at one source and for for low price.

The files available at the Resell-Club are developed by 3rd party developers. Through licensing permissions, we are able to offer the latest versions of multiple products at one centralized download location. Each of our WordPress extensions and themes lists the developer’s name. To learn about the specific developer of each item, you can search for the developer’s website.

We want you to be pleased with your purchase. Please feel free to contact us if you experience any problems downloading your products.


Our mission is to provide great products through a simple process. We strive to maintain our core principles: no spam, no hassles, no hidden pricing. We love internet marking, but we believe that business should be conducted without the gimmicks and outrageous claims that are too common within the industry.


Resell-Club.com dates back to 2011. From the beginning, it was a membership based website for internet marketing.

Resell-Club.com Circa 2011

Resell-Club.com Circa 2011


The People and the Business

The Resell-Club.com and the product catalog are maintained by the founder, Luke, and a small group of freelance assistants. The business is operated under a sole proprietorship and is based in the Dallas, Texas area. The website is hosted on servers located in Texas and Utah.

Thank you for taking the time to read a little about us!